The Videogame

Westwood® has done another masterpiece:

The wizards of Westwood Studios created another beautiful videogame. Different by any other classic adventure game where you have to interact with objects and places around you, this adventure has been concepted to be most "natural" as it is possible.
For example there isn't the inventory because you'll not need to collect a lot of objects, but only live your life as in the reality, talking with people, investigating on the case, deciding who arrest, who kill, who follow, quarreling with your colleagues that are trying to win you...

you can manage a private life too, with a dog, loves that bear or that die... You can so manage a private life and a professional one that will give you the sensation to live Ray McCoy's life, the analogous of Deckard in the movie..

We must also consider the technical side: the graphic is marvellous (and intro makes you breathless too), with a very high details accuracy; musics are by Vangelis (that have also won an Oscar); playability is very good with a very simple user interface and the longevity is assured by the multitude (precisely 7) of endings that you can finish the adventure with, depending from choices that you made during the game.


The game is provided with a dynamic artificial intelligence system that allows to 18 of the 70 characters to be replicants or humans at any time. When you finish the game, you may ask yourself if you played with a human McCoy or with a replicant one!

Another interesting caratteristic is the possibility to express questions in different feelings, or to show the gun and re-express the question, obtaining a very different question! :)

Follow the list of the minimum requirements that your computer must have to play this fantastic game:
  • Pentium 90
  • Windows 95/98/ME
  • 16 Mb of Ram
  • Video Card with 2 Mb
    DirectX 5.0 compatible
  • Sound Card compatible as above
  • CD-Rom 4x reader and 150 MB of free HD space
A Pentium 166 with 32 Mb of Ram is suggested.



HOT: in the section Image gallery you'd find not less than 34 images taken from the original videogame!!

ATTENTION: If you're looking for the solution of the game, you can visit the Gadget's page!

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