Deckard's Gun:

The beautiful Deckard's gun is the standard weapon of all Blade Runner units.

The gun is equipped with a 5 shots cylinder loader and a double trigger. In the movie, Deckard uses 4 shots at most in a unique sequence, when he shots to Zhora that is trying to escape in the caos of the city.

This gun is realized joining various pieces of a rifle (Steyr Mannlicher .222 Modello SL) and a gun (.44 Special Police Bulldog). For this reason, it seems that the gun has a double barrel.

The reconstruction of the model is the result of months of analysis work of the movie's photograms, and researches, between all common weapons, by Phil Steinschneider, whom, after have understood which weapons could have been used to create the Deckard's gun model, contacted the man who had been commissioned by the creators of Blade Runner, and after telling everything to him, finally he got an official confirmation of his theory.

Phil's site explain everything in details and you could find it here:

Other infos available here: http://www.racprops.com/

Leon's Gun:

Leon is holding a special four barrel gun, that is part of the "black hole weapon" class.

The working principle is inspired to the Colt .45 automatic. It was designed to defend against a repeat of the massacre of American soldiers in the turn of the century Phillipines, when guerillas would jump from trees with cutting weapons, get shot and continue to come down and kill the soldier because their weapon was still aimed downward. The Colt .45 would use something similar to a hydrolic effect, knocking the target back and spinning. With this same principle in mind, the "Black Hole" gun was designed for knock down power as well as being deadly.


The Spinner is the standard Police vehicle.

In spite of pre-production drawings, when the Spinner was built and photographed it looked like a flying brick.
A lot of energies were spent to make it aerodynamic and interesting. They added many different special effects and flashing lights to give it an interesting look, similar to what you'd see in many modern space games.

The spinner is able to go on the ground as a common car but its main use is on air, allowing vertical take-off and flying like a chop.


The Blimp is a kind of gigantic zeppelin that flies over the cities, with an immense lateral screen which reproduces commercial spots.

"A new life awaits you in the Off-World colonies. The chance to begin again in a golden land of opportunity and adventure. New climate, recreational facilities.....absolutely free. Use your new friend as a personal body servant or a tireless field hand the custom tailored genetically engineered humanoid replicant designed especially for your needs. So come on America, let's put our team up there...."

It's completely covered by flashing coloured lights, from smallest to the biggest two white spot that illuminate randomly the city below.

The Blimp model was realized by the technicians of the "Entertainment Effects Group" and is 1,82 meters long.

Esper Machine :

The Esper is a super-compact computer with the ability of tridimensional analysis of very high resolution photos and a cryogenic cooling system.

Police cars and the Deckard apartment have it connected with a bigger one that is at police headquarter. Among the other functions, the Esper can analyze and zoom photos, allowing to inspect a room not being there.

The Esper has the ability of interpret vocal commands, answer to the voice with the emission of high frequency sounds. If you want to hear the Esper sound, click HERE.

Voight Kampff Machine :

This incredible machine allows to identify the Replicants with iris analysis. Its mechanic arm opens and centers the pupil of the person to test. Analyzing the iris contractions and dilatations it can reveal if the person is lying.

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