The Tyrell Corporation

Stately and enormous it towers over all:

The Tyrell Corporation is the powerful industrial complex that builds Replicants. It's made of two enormous pyramids that could be viewed, thanks to their dimensions, even at about ten kilometers.

The complex, also Dott. Tyrell's center, founder and president, is super-protected and almost inaccessible by not authorized people that could compromise its security. By the way is unavoidable that a structure of such power is subjected to terrorist attacks.

The most strange thing is that Leon, the first Replicant that you can see in the movie, succeeds not only to selling off by a maintenance employee (before being discovered with the Voight-Kampff test) but he succeeds also to escape after shooting Holden.

Here it is a panoramic aerial view of Los Angeles in which you could see clearly the two pyramids.


One shot taken from a Spinner flying toward a pyramid.

And think that this beautiful contruction, miracle of special effects of 1982 is simply a model, built properly till the most little particular.

In those years the computer's graphic was used poorly because it was much more expensive than the technical of models construction and it was not so powerful as it is today.

The father of this creation is Douglas Trumbull, here retracted leaning on to his creature that measures more than one meter of height.

Attention: you could finde 21 high-resolution images of Tyrell Corporation in the "Image Gallery" and a movie taken from original DVD that shows the aerial view of a spinner that fly over the two pyramids in the section "Gadgets".

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