The sequel

There will be a sequel to Blade Runner?

In an interview Scott sayed: "I would like much do it. I think that in B.R. there are many interesting starting point that concern the origins of the character of Harrison Ford seen like immortal. It would be a very intelligent sequel. 1995 - In a list of possible film to realize, beside the Shepperton Studios (U.K.), there was also the sequel of B.R. Scott confirmed the news however he didn't tell for which date would have had begins the jobs.
The idea of a sequel circulated for any years, without however the active involvement of Scott.

You could find other information on the matter in the interview that Scott granted for Mr. Showbiz. For read the interview click HERE.

Instead for what that concern the books, we could tell that a sequel there is already. It is called "The Edge of Human" written in the 1995 from K. W. Jeter, one of most famous writers of contemporary science fiction.

Jeter, writing with the same spirit that had inspired Philp K. Dick, has resolved in his book many of the discrepancies that there was between Blade Runner and the book of Dick.

The Edge of Human adds a new dimension to the history, recreating the same futuristic rich atmosphere of suspance, that had characterized it. .

The same Jeter wrote, in the 1996, a sequel to "The edge Human of Human" entitled "Blade Runner Replicant Night," not for eliminate other plot problems but simply for pure enterteinment.

In this book, Deckard, approaches on the Off-World colony for make an autobiographic film, but many incidental expenses will make to him abandon the idea and will be involved in a mob of problems to resolve...

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