Secrets of the movie

The meaning of the Unicorn:

The end of the film was modified from the studios. Scott wanted to conclude the film with the scene of Rachel and Deckard that enter elevator, but the studios decided that the film required of a final more "happy", less ambiguous.
The aerial pannings used in the cinema version of the 1982 had filmed from the film of Stanley Kubrik "The Shining" (in which, for pure coincidence, recited Joe Turkel, the Tyrrel of BR).

In the September of the 1992 the Warner Bros. produced and commercialized the "integral" version of Blade Runner, called "The director's cut", from which has been eliminated both the teller voice out field and the cheerful end, but in which there is more a scene in which Deckard dreames an unicorn. The addition of this element, apparently meaningless, really bring a big change to the film. In fact, when Rachel and Deckard leave the apartment of Deckard at the end of the film, she bumps against a origami with the form of unicorn.
The unicorn is the last of a series of complete origami figures that Gaff uses for provoke or take Deckard around. In the office of Bryant, when Deckard insists telling that he is been retired, Gaff builds a hen: "you are afraid of doing it." More ahead Gaff builds a man with an erection: "you are attracted from her." And at the end the unicorn, for making Deckard to understand that he decided to leave it live. However connecting this element to the dream of the unicorn, it could be deduced that Gaff knows the dreams of Deckard, as he knew those of Rachel, therefore Deckard is also a Replicant.
In the classical version instead, Deckard could not be a Replicant because doesn't appear the dream that link him to the origami. An other interpretation for the unicorn is that Gaff wants launch a challenge and capture them together.

The meaning of chess:

What is the meaning of the chess? The game of chess between Tyrell and J.F. Sebastian reproduces the conclusion of a game really played in the 1851 to London between Anderssen and Kieseritzky. This game is considered an of brightest ever played, and it is known universally like "The Immortal Game".
The immortal game, in chess notation was as:

1 e4 e5
2 f4 exf4
3 Bc4 Qh4+
4 Kf1 b5
5 Bxb5 Nf6
6 Nf3 Qh6
7 d3 Nh5
8 Nh4 Qg5
9 Nf5 c6
10 Rg1 cxb5
11 g4 Nf6
12 h4 Qg6
13 h5 Qg5
14 Qf3 Ng8
15 Bxf4 Qf6
16 Nc3 Bc5
17 Nd5 Qxb2
18 Bd6 Qxa1+
19 Ke2 Bxg1
20 e5 Na6
21 Nxg7+ Kd8
22 Qf6+ Nf6
23 Be7 Scacco Matto.

Roy Batty

The concept of immortality contains obvious associations in the comparison to distance between Tyrell and Roy. The game of chess represents the struggle between Replicants and humans: these considers the first like pieces to remove. The Replicants (pawns) tries to become immortal (a queen).

From another point of view the play between Tyrell and Sebastian represent the hunt, the pursuit of the Dr. Tyrell from Roy. Tyrell commits a fatal error in the game of chess and another fatal error in the try to reason with Roy. In fact will be brutally killed come from him.

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