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Historical upgrades in site's content:

  • January 02, 2002 - Improved the Gadgets section, with the 2002 BR calendar, and a new rare movie: the cut scene of Holden in the Hospital. Added Bryant to the section Memorable quotes.

  • August 19, 2001 - Just made a Flash 5 intro that reproduces the opening sequence of the movie. You could see it in the starting page of the site.
    Modified the "Vehicle" section that now is "High-Tech" and widened the sections "curiosities", "versions" and "gadgets". Other updates will come soon...

  • June 23, 2001 - Here we are with the first news! In the Gadgets page you'll find 4 new fantastic desktop themes, with incredible backgrounds.

  • June 7, 2001 - New version on line! Now the Home page is nicer and lighter to load. Done some bug fixes and link that didn't work. SOON YOU COULD FIND COOL NEWS. Don't lose the attention from the site! ;-)

  • October 22, 2000 - ATTENTION: BIG NEWS!!! The site has been completely restyled. Now is better organized, the pages are more complete and information are more precise. Within the most important innovation there is an incredible image gallery and a big movies section with pieces of movie taken from the original DVD, and the beautiful OFFICIAL TRAILER of BR (released by the Warner Home Video!). I leave the rest to your curiosity! Surf people, surf! ;-)

    Again: as you surely just read in the popup window, I would like to set up a section dedicated exclusively to the surfer, in which you could publish your own creation like images "Blade Runner ART Style" and other little programs as screensaver, themes, skins of ICQ or WinAmp o thins like that... If you like this idea or if you want to contribute with any material don't esitate to contact me by e-mail!!! Thanks.

  • May 30, 1999 - Added info about the file size in the gadgets page.
  • April 8, 1999 - Added a beautiful screen saver made by Kevin Karstens in the gadgets page.
  • March 31, 1999 - How I promised, here there are 5 new movies to download, 4 of these with a very good video quality, thanks to Indeo compression.
  • March 29, 1999 - Considerably improved the characters section. Now each one has his own detailed card and you can access directly to the image file. Added a link to the official Syd Mead site in the same page. Considerably enlarged the image gallery that now consists of not less than 231 images! Added two other versions of the script (1980 and 1981) in the gadgets page.
  • March 05, 1999 - Enlarged and modified the soundtrack page. Changed the look of the home page and the cover page. Considerably improved the compression of the JPG images of the site that now are lighter so quicker to download with the same quality! Changed the image gallery: now you could choose the image to view using a small graphic preview; added also no less than 34 screenshot from the videogame. Update the B.R. links page.
    I've in program other important improvement to my site as more movies, much more images in the gallery, new gadgets...
  • February 04, 1999 - Put on-line the English version of the site!

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