The actors: J.F. Sebastian


William Sanderson

J.F. Sebastian

Genetic designer of Tyrell Corp.


The boy genius. This guy was so smart he graduated from Cal Tech at age 16 with two degrees in genetic engineering. He was the only person who posed a threat to the Tyrell Corporations monopoly on Replicant production. Tyrell couldn't allow that to happen, so the old bastard infected Sebastian with a genetic disorder that causes premature aging. That's why the kid looked twice as old as he really was. Tyrell promised him that if he would work for the Corporation, he would be given the cure for his disorder. Sebastian wasn't stupid. He knew there was no cure. He also knew that if he didn't seem to be helping the Corporation, he would disappear without a trace. He held back for a while but eventually he threw himself into his work as a means of forgetting his fatal condition. His work led to the creation of the highly advanced NEXUS-6 Replicants.

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