Technical and plot errors

A lot of errors of all kind...

  • In the very first shot of Batty, we see his hand clenching up. If you look carefully as he turns his hand just before the shot changes, you can see the nail sticking through the back of his hand (Criterion CAV laserdisc: frames C-07 37124 and 37125). He doesn't actually insert that nail until later in the film. Also, in the same scene, though Roy is supposedly alone (in a phone booth) you see someone's hand on his shoulder. This is actually from a later scene with Tyrell, shown in mirror image.

  • After few minutes in the movie Gaff and Deckard fly past the same rooftop twice on their way to see Bryant.

  • During the VK test, Leon says "My mother... let me tell you about my mother", but when Deckard recalls this on his way to his apartment, Leon's voice says "I'll tell you about my mother!" This is probably Scott playing with the audience's memory the way Tyrell trifles with Deckard's.

  • The snake tattoo on Zhora only appears after the Esper machine has stopped zooming, and when it produces a hard copy, Zhora's face is at a different angle to that on the screen.

  • When the Cambodian woman puts the snake scale into the electron microscope, she doesn't take it out of the plastic bag. We should be looking at a picture of a plastic bag. The serial number that she gives Deckard is not identical to the one in the image. Additionally, the image is not a snake scale, but a female marijuana leaf.

  • When Deckard goes to see Ben Hassan (the snake dealer), their lip movements do not match the dialog. Although correct in the Denver/Dallas Sneak, the take wasn't deemed satisfactory for other reasons. The mismatch was a compromise.

  • When Zhora goes crashing through the plate-glass windows, the stunt double looks nothing like the actress, her wounds disappear and reappear, and she is wearing flat-heeled boots rather than the high-heeled ones she put on in her dressing room. The sounds of the bullets hitting her body doesn't correspond to when she is visibly hit. Also, you can see her holding the trigger-ball and tube for the bloodbags she is carrying. Besides when Zhora fell to ground, the far shot and the near shot reveal the same Zhora in very different positions, both for the corner that the arms form and for the position of the head.

  • When Pris steps out of Sebastian's elevator, her hair is dry, but when she is inside the apartment, it's wet again.

  • Pris' raccoon makeup changes slightly three times.

  • A gunshot wound is visible before Pris is shot.

  • Rachael's makeup changes throughout the love scene with Deckard.

  • In the Deckard/Roy confrontation, after Deckard has been given his gun back and stalks off, you can spot the shadows of the cameraman, gaffer, and the camera on the wall.

  • In all versions of the film, events occur in the following sequence: Deckard kills Zhora and then buys a bottle of Tsing Tao. Gaff takes him to Bryant. Deckard then spots Rachael and tries to catch her but gets beaten up by Leon. When the script included Mary, the sequence ran as follows: Deckard kills Zhora and then spots Rachael looking on. He chases Rachael, only to be beaten up by Leon.

    After Rachael kills Leon, Deckard buys a bottle of Tsing Tao and has to warn her with a glance when Gaff approaches. Gaff takes him to Bryant, who tells him that there were "four to go" (Roy, Pris, Mary, and Rachael).

    When they eliminated Mary from the script, they had a problem: Bryant should say that there were "three to go" (Roy, Pris, and Rachael).

    Instead of reshooting this scene, they moved it and the scene of Deckard buying Tsing Tao ahead of Leon's death, so that the "four to go" would be Roy, Pris, Leon (not Mary), and Rachael. They nearly got away with this, but are now a few problems:
    1. When Deckard is talking to Bryant, he shows wounds from his fight with Leon, although he hasn't had the fight yet.
    2. Since he now buys his bottle before he fights Leon, it should be there while he's chasing Rachael and fighting Leon (it's not). The bottle mysteriously reappears when he gets back to his apartment. This problem is purely the result of Bryant telling Deckard, "I've got four skin jobs walking the streets" but only accounting for 1 of the remaining 2.

  • Norwegian subtitles translate Deckard's license number from 260354 to 26354.

  • Norwegian subtitles translate "Sushi. That's what my ex-wife called me. Cold fish." into "Sushi, my wife, used to call me a cold fish".

  • Swedish subtitles spell Roy's name "Beatty", translate Deckard's license number from 260354 to 26354, Leon's hotel address from 11187 to 1187, and (in BRDC) "C-beams" to "seabeams"!

  • The theatrical version dubbed into German translates "hardcopy" (from the Esper machine) into "solid copy", but in BRDC, it is "printout.

  • Italian-dubbed versions translate "C-Beams" to "B-Beams" and Tyrell's line "...and you have burned so very, very brightly..." to "...and you have burned your candle from both ends...".

  • Leon's "Nothing's worse than having an itch you can never scratch" becomes "Nothing's worse than living in terror." Gaff's "...but then again, who does?" becomes "If this can be called living...".

  • Both the 1982 release and BRDC are incorrectly dubbed into Spanish: they translate the "shoulder of Orion" to the "shores of Orion".

  • The original Danish video release had "off-world" translated as "subterranean".

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