The actors: Doctor Heldon Tyrell


Joe Turkel

Doctor Eldon Tyrell

Founder and president of Tyrell Corporation


He's the president of the Tyrell Corporation, a real genius. In the early years of the 21st century the Tyrell Corporation was the largest robotics company in the world. Somehow Eldon schemed his way into sole possession of the company when his father died, leaving his brother with nothing. As public demand increased for robot labor that didn't look so artificial, the Tyrell Corporation responded by releasing the NEXUS-1 model Replicants. Their popularity was overwhelming, and this time, Tyrell schemed and conned his way into being the sole manufacturer of Replicants for Earth and the new off-world colonies. At the height of Replicant popularity, the Tyrell Corp. had 18 manufacturing facilities in 11 different countries. However by 2013, only three remained. Although production had declined, business was still good due to the increasing number of people emigrating to the off-world colonies, and the Corporation continued to develop new Replicant models. The latest being the highly advanced NEXUS-6.

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