The actors: Deckard


Harrison Ford


Rick Deckard

Replicant detection
div. #B-235-64


He's absolutely the best Replicant hunter in the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department). One look at him and you could tell he always got the job done. He was cold-blooded about his work. Bryant calls him "a one-man slaughter house". Deckard was hired by LAPD in the 2014. He took service as a street cop for about an year then he was taken as head of a Blade Runner unit. He set department records for the most skinjobs retired by a single officer and the most retired in one day since The Great Purge of 2011. His wife left him about a year ago. That really fucked him up inside. He became sick of killing. He lost his edge, his killer instinct. Then he quit. Now Bryant forced him to take back his old job of Replicant hunter to find and kill the escaped Replicants.

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