Black Hole Weapons:

"What I particualrly wanted to avoid in Blade Runner's weaponry was an indication of the common laser pistol." Scott said. "We all felt that a bright streak of light coming out of a barrel had become a horrible cliché, and we were sick to death of it. Then David Dryer came up with the idea that our pistols discharged a high intensity, particle-beam-type material that imploded on contact, drawing in so much light on the way that it became a black beam instead of a light streak. And whatever section of the body it hit would collapse in on itself. That would lead to a rather elegant demise, very little blood or gore."

"I thought this was an interesting concept" Scott concludes. "A black beam would have been the dramatic opposite of the expected laser ray. So we intended to later animate this dark effect and dub our weapons Black Hole Guns."

In the movie, you can see the anti-matter blast that was animated into the shot for four frames. This effect was used only once in the movie, even though Leon takes a second shot in that scene, only the first shot from under the table contains the animation of the anti-matter blast, this was due to the constant threats of going over budget and schedule.
But you couldn't see this effect during the normal vision, unless you analyze every single photogram in that sequence using the pause function.

The missing Replicant

Bryant says Deckard that there were six Replicants, three men, three women. He also points out that one of them has been electrocuted while trying to enter into the Tyrell Corp. Building, but he didn't specify his sex. This means that we are missing one Replicant, male or female. It has been thought that Deckard was the sixth Replicant, but there are obvious proofs denying such hypothesis. In one of original versions of the script Mary was the fifth Replicant and Hodge was the sixth. In the workprint the error was corrected and they settled that "two were electrocuted", but in the original release they muddled it up again.


Blade Runner and Alien:

When Gaff picks up Deckard during the take off the sequence the computer is the same Scott used in "Alien" when the rescue module separated from main ship. Furthermore, the black and white display of the VK machine has been used in Alien as a wall display.

When Deckard enters into his apartment (at the end of the movie) the murmuring in background is exactly the same used in certain parts of "Alien". The cigarettes smoked in BR are yellow as those smoked in "Alien". You can also note that in "Alien" and in BR there are "artificial people" and that in both films you are never quite sure on who is really human. The difference is that Ash is a robot with mechanical parts inside.

I can suggest a very good site (in italian) on the Alien Saga: ALIEN.IT


More books about Blade Runner:

There are many books inspired or dedicated to Blade Runner but not all of that are still printend and selled in shops, so it could be very difficult to find them.
The most interesting that I'm presenting are two:

Marvel Comic Book


Published by "Marvel Comics Group" in 1982, this book is been written by Archie Goodwin and illustrated by Al Williamson, Carlos Garzon, Dan Green and Raplh Reese.

It was published in three different version:

  • black and white, pocket
  • complete version, big in full color (in foto)
  • the second more newer version
This book is a very good gadget for all the most relentless fans but it's out of printing so it requires a good search on pole sites like Ebay or similar to be found.


It's an interesting book that groups all sketches and projects that were been made in the pre-production by Syd Mead and the same Ridley Scott.

Also this book is out of printing but... If you're interested to find a copy, you could give a glance to EBAY or


For a complete list of books dedicated to Blade Runner you could visit the Amazon' site

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