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Welcome to all visitors!

My name is Luca and I've made this site for my enjoy only and without any commercial or interested purposes. All the HTML code and all the graphic existing in the site (excluding pics taken from the movie of from the videogame) were made by me and are subjected to the copyright protection. If you want more information about me click HERE.

The site is evolving continually so anybody who wants to contribute with infos, images, sounds, movies or anything interesting else don't esitate to contact me. The e-mail address in on the home page.

I want to thanks all the persons that have contributed in anyway to the making of this my project, all webmaster of other BR site that have gave me informations or images and in particular Fabrizio Bianchi that helped me a lot for digest the big quantity of translations.

As regards Amazon.com I want to specify that before put the banner on my site, I wanted to test the service for my own and I stayed well surprised because I've found some CDs that I didn't find in Italy (also after some attempts of importing them in a big shop) and they arrived within one week!
I think that it's a very beautiful service, so I can't do anything else than recommend it to you!

I close wishes you a good navigation and I remember you that for an optimal vision you must activate the Javascript in the options of your browser and set this to all screen if the resolution is below the 1024x768 (optimal resolution)

Thank you!

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